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Flexible Remote Opportunities

Enjoy the freedom of working remotely, balancing your professional goals with personal life seamlessly. Wether your looking for additional work next to your studies or a seasoned transcriptionist, we’ll have a project for you.

Flexible Remote Opportunities

Work remotely, balancing professional and personal life. Enjoy a variety of projects that fit your experience.

Engaging Projects

Choose from a range of projects like recording, transcription, labeling and conversational AI training, offering diverse experiences.

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Your efforts are met with competitive pay, recognizing your valuable contributions. All payouts are handled in our platform Connect.

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Shape AI’s future in healthcare and transportation, making a significant global difference. Your work not only advances technology but also has a meaningful global impact.


What can you expect from HomeProject?

At HomeProject, we deeply value our contractors and their contributions in delivering top-tier AI lifecycle products and services. Our operations are guided by a strong ethical framework, ensuring respect, fairness, and equitable compensation for our contractors.

Compensation Standards

We are committed to offering competitive compensation, consistently exceeding the minimum wage standards in every global market where HomeProject operates.

Inclusive Working Environment

Equality and inclusiveness are pillars of our workplace culture. While we embrace diversity among our contractors, certain projects might require specific demographic or geographic qualifications. This is to ensure representation and reduce bias in our client’s projects. These requirements, if any, are always transparently communicated in our project briefs.

Contractors enjoy the freedom to choose projects that match their qualifications. Past performance on other projects does not hinder future project eligibility, barring any breach of our Contractor Standards. Exceptional performers may be selectively invited for specific projects.

Flexible Work and Project Choices

HomeProject respects our contractors’ freedom to engage with other industry competitors, except in cases where our clients’ proprietary concerns dictate otherwise. Such exceptions, if any, will be clearly stated in the project details.

Our approach to work schedules is flexible. Although some projects may have specific time-related requirements due to client needs, contractors have the autonomy to decide whether to participate in these projects.

Safety and Support in Content Review

We prioritize our contractors’ well-being. If there’s a risk of encountering harmful or offensive material, contractors have the option to skip reviewing such content. They can also report it and seek support. Project descriptions will always indicate the potential exposure to such content.

Open Communication

At HomeProject, every voice matters. We encourage feedback from our contractors to enhance our services continually. For any queries or assistance, our dedicated team is readily available to help.

Contractual Transparency

HomeProject ensures transparency in contractual matters. Except where legally required or due to third-party agreements, we aim to provide at least 21 days’ notice for any significant changes to contract terms that may affect your rights or obligations.

How does payments work?

Flexible Payment Structure for Projects

At our company, we adopt a flexible approach to compensating our contractors, with payment structures varying depending on the project. Before beginning any project, contractors are fully informed about the specific payment terms associated with that project. This approach allows for a transparent understanding of the compensation for each unique project.

Fair Payment Calculation for Tasks

Our method for determining fair payment per project is guided by an underlying hourly rate benchmark, which aligns with or surpasses the minimum wage standards in the countries we operate. To estimate the pay per project, we meticulously evaluate the time and effort required to complete each project, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Payment Methods and Processing

Currently, our contractors receive their payouts in Connect with a wide range of options. Payments are processed monthly, following the submission and approval of the contractor’s invoice through Connect.

Where to Find Payment Details

The specifics of payment rates, frequency, and terms are unique to each project and are explained under the project’s guidelines on Connect. Our commitment to high-quality standards means all submitted work undergoes thorough checks. Contractors can refer to the project’s guidelines to understand quality expectations and avoid common errors.

What is the purpose of the annotated/transcribed/collected data?

Data Processing and Application at HomeProject

At HomeProject, our team of dedicated contractors plays a crucial role in gathering, annotating, and transcribing data. This data then undergoes a meticulous cleaning and preparation phase, making it an invaluable resource for training AI models. Our diverse client base leverages this data in several innovative ways, including:

Enhancing Autonomous Vehicle Technology: We collaborate in collecting eye-tracking videos to support autonomous vehicle developers. This data helps in refining systems that alert drivers when their focus shifts, enhancing road safety.

Advancing Voice Recognition Software: Our project involves collecting varied voice samples to improve the responsiveness of voice-activated assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc. This helps in better recognizing and interpreting a wide range of accents and dialects.

Supporting Healthcare Innovations: By gathering anonymized medical records, we contribute to the development of AI technologies that can offer customized treatment options for diseases like cancer and forecast health issues such as acute kidney injury.

Language Translation Advancements: We focus on compiling text data across multiple languages. This is instrumental in improving the functionality of translation apps, ensuring they can accurately understand and translate texts and documents by recognizing context and nuances.

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