Leverage our Crowd-as-a-service for AI projects

Reduce costs and save time by leveraging our in-house crowd and project managers for your AI projects. We are powered by an international force of native professionals trained in AI.

Empowering AI with Human Expertise

Making AI Smarter with Human Help

Our expertise lies in harnessing human talent to elevate AI and machine learning technologies. Our core focus is on refining Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems, ensuring they perform at their best. Our team comprises language specialists and tech experts from across the globe, each bringing their unique skills to the table.

Our Process

Our skilled workforce is ready to assist in developing and refining AI models through high-quality, accurately labeled, and ethically sourced training data.

  1. Define AI Parameters

2. Onboard contractors to your platform

3. Active progress and quality monitoring

4. Scale your operations

Built For The Future

Start Your AI Project with Us

Accelerate your projects with our experienced workforce, known for its expertise and diverse skills.

Efficiency and Quality

Our team is diverse and always ready to work. We carefully match them to your project needs, ensuring top quality with our strict vetting and quality control.

Tailored Expertise

Get the best fit for your project. We select experts based on your project’s location and specific requirements, guaranteeing the right skills and knowledge.

Committed to Security

We take your project’s security seriously. Following ISO-27001 standards, we protect every project with strong data privacy agreements.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Forget the hassle of sourcing and managing. We provide you with skilled and certified professionals at an affordable cost, making your project management easier.

Ethical and Fair Crowdsourcing

Fair pay and flexible work are our promises. Our team members are compensated well, often above the minimum wage in their areas.

Average QA score

We successfully deliver high results


We offer high project success

Discover New Possibilities


We are experts in the the AI field


All managed through in-house through Connect™


Global Reach for Local Impact

Harness the power of our skilled workforce to accelerate your project’s market entry. Our network, rich in cultural and linguistic diversity, includes contributors from over 100 countries, proficient in more than 70 languages, and with varied professional backgrounds.

Nordic Language Division

Our Nordic Language Division is the cornerstone of our linguistic services, specializing in Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. This division caters specifically to projects demanding expertise in Nordic languages, offering both linguistic fluency and cultural depth.

European Language Collection

The European Language Collection encompasses a wide array of languages including French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and more. This collection is ideal for projects that require a broad spectrum of European linguistic skills.

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